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The current COVID-19 pandemic has an impact on the Hospital Activity. Now more than ever, Marketers need to access our Real-time Hospital Level Activity Report.

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  • Quomeda COVID-19 Barometer Study





Data is Knowledge, Knowledge is power,
Power is nothing without control

The right data can unlock real business value.

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Get the data you need

  • No compromise between the data that is available and the data that you need.
  • Drive your decision based on real-time, granular and accurate intelligence.

Demand More from Data

Data is recognised as an essential commodity.
Finding insightful and accurate information is challenging.
Organisations cannot prosper without proper data.

Unlock the value of data



Data needs to be comparable. Data needs to speak the same language. A global economy requires a global coverage.


Unique Data Points

Never let data limit you. Granularity available in real-time.



Data is just the beginning.

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Make data work for you

Access the data your organisation needs to support your decision process with confidence.

  • Navigate our data and incorporate it with yours.

Deliver better outcomes

Transform Data into Insight

Access the data you need to support your decision process and share it across your organisation in all confidence.

  • Navigate our data and make incorporate it with yours.
  • Create new data to drive your process.
Ensure data is accurate

No more compromising on Data

Your organisation needs to focus on what matters and will rely on granular and accurate insights. Eliminate uncertainty and blind spots.

  • We collect data. A lot of data. Chances are we have what you are looking for.
  • Data is alive and ever changing. It is also available. We have developed the tools and the resources to get it for you.
Close the collaborative gap

Unite around your data.

Make data part of your culture, collaborate around insights and empower your collaborators to achieve their goals.

  • Unify the needs of your organisation from analytics to execution.
  • Create transparency and trust in the data.

Turn data into insights

Transform reports into Live trackers

Be reactive. Having old and static data will leave you unprepared for a fast evolving environment.

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Latest News

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Get Meaningful Data

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